Pure Holiday in Nepal

No walking, no hiking and no physical activities. This purely relaxing tour gives you the best of Nepal I the very short time. A fancy start from the hilltop of Chandragiri can be a first spot to see the highest peak of the world” Mt. Everest-8848m.”  The summit lodge gives you the best getaway from the hustle of the valley, close to nature, close to the holy Trisuli river, the place itself is an attraction. Reaching Pokhara is exciting when your dream to touch mountains comes true. The lake city is the perfect destination for nature lovers.


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Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu, overnight at Chandragiri hill

As the slogan goes” Where your wishes come true”. This beautiful hill has a possible view of Mt. Everest and many more. Luxury hotel rooms are almost with Mt. views and the city look. The Swiss made cable car adds to its beauty. This historical site will add your information on finding of the present Nepal. Stories of Kings and war will definitely add charm to the stories. Our expert guides will guide you through the journey of history and luxury. Overnight at the resort looking back to the valley of Kathmandu is the nice end to the day.

Day 2: Drive to Kurintar and overnight at Summit Lodge

Today, we will drive along the highway reaching one of the sacred river of Nepal, Trisuli. Best known for Rafting, this white river can calm your mind and bring you close to the nature. Summit lodge is a hidden place in the river side. Our expert leaders will guide you through the river, bridges and bushes to make your journey end at the luxury of Summit Lodge.

 Day 3: Drive to Begnas Lake

Organic breakfast will be a good kick start of the day. We will take you to the starting point of our drive today and head towards the city of Lake, Pokhara. Another 4-5 hours of drive along the river Trisuli and passing through the gorges, we will meet the Big Lake Named Begnas. A home away from the city crowd makes your stay relaxing and calm. A walk around the lake with Boating is the plan for the day. Take rest and overnight in the Resort.

Day 4: Drive to Sarangkot

Sarangkot is the best viewpoint to see the Annapurna Range. Not us, it is the word of the world, who have been the part of the experience. If the weather is good, sun rise as the Dark orange ball popping out of the hill is something to look forward. Every morning, thousands of visitors drive to Sarangkot, with a hope of touching mighty Himalayas upfront. Your stay is in the best possible resort on the top of the hillside with views of mountain from your bed. Waking up is something you look forward to. Cheers from the top of the mountain.

Day 5: Fly to Kathmandu and drive to Namobuddha

Be it a clear day and we will fly for estimated 25 minutes to reach Kathmandu. We will make sure to put you on the window side with the view of the mountains. Flying, can be fun and even more interesting when you have beautiful mountains and hills on your side. We have a comfortable vehicle waiting for you outside the airport and out expert leaders will guide you through all the baggage claim and exit. Our drive is about 2 hours, always depends on the mood of the traffic on the road. Namobuddha is another hillside with the views of the mountains and a village life to go through. A famous Monastery, with over 400 monks will blow your mind. Every day you can go in and sit to have a look at their schooling pattern and prayer. Our leaders will help you with check in and baggage. In the afternoon, have a walk to the Monastery and be part of their prayer. If you are lucky, get the sip of Himalayan white tea and Cookies, made by the Monks.

Day 6: Drive back to Kathmandu, on the way Visit Bhaktapur

“Mountains on the plate”, that’s what we call it with a organic farm breakfast with the mountain views. Our drive today to Kathmandu stops for some hours at Bhaktapur. Also known as, the city of Devotees and the rice valley, is the only city left with authentic vibes of old Kathmandu. The city of alleys has old houses, palaces, temples and beautifully carved doors and windows to take your heart away. One can live in the 19th century lifestyle. You will still see people carrying good on their bamboo cart, wearing old traditional attire to their comfort. Do not forget to taste the local yogurt when you are in Bhaktapur. Known as the “Juju Dhau”, is translated the King of the Yogurt. The famous of all in Nepal. Your visit is not done if you have not got the taste of Juju Dhau. Overnight at hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 7: Depart Kathmandu

We look forward to your next adventure in Nepal. Till then, our leader will accompany you to the departure hall of “Tribhuban International Airport”. Sorry, we cannot go further inside than the departure area. See you soon. Have a great onward journey.


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