Food Trip

Nepal’s natural beauty has no comparison to any other part of the world. And, of-course it is known for the highest place on earth, Mt. Everest and many other famous trekking routes. Nepal has so many unique food items as it host more than 80 different ethnic group and they have their distinct culture, food and drinking habit. Starting at Kathmandu, we will have opportunity to taste unique food of the local ethnic groups called “The Newar”. The backbone of Kathmandu’s culture is in the hand of Newar and they have kept it well and elegant. Going up in the hill we will have a chance to taste the food made by monk, be with them and learn different aspect of Buddhist philosophy. We have Tibetan food waiting for us as our visit reaches the boon of Nature, Pokhara. In the lower land we meet and sit with local Tharus and share their food. In the hill Magar food is the focus point.

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